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Interview with Yasmin Paige on the Mystery of Character Acting

Interview with Yasmin Paige on the Mystery of Character Acting Author – Timothy Woodward Source – Summary Imagine the following scenario from Richard Ayoade’s Submarine. A young dark-haired girl called Jordana Bevan peers through her Betty-Boop-on-a-good-day-haircut. She wears a long red raincoat that is part “Don’t Look Now” and part “Little Red Riding Hood”. […]

Yasmin Paige to star in new drama “Chicken”

Young British newcomer 21 year old Scott Chambers will star alongside Submarine star Yasmin Paige in the film directorial debut of up-and-coming British director Joe Stephenson. They team up with Weekend star Chris New in Chicken, an adaptation of a stage play, which the original author Freddie Machin will be scripting, along with New. Scott […]

Jesse Eisenberg – interview (extract)

Here is an extract from an interview with Jesse Eisenberg originally posted on Jesse takes the lead role in Yasmin’s latest film The Double which is currently in production. Q: What was it like to work with Richard Ayoade on The Double?  Submarine had such a very unique style.  How would you describe this film and its visual style? EISENBERG:  They […]

Pramface review –

Pramface: An Oral Defication (…or what I did for the past six weeks) Author – Your author Source – A review on the first series of Pramface by the sarcastic author of this site. Well everybody else is forcing their Pramface point of view down my throat so I thought I would respond in kind. So… six weeks […]

Cheat Sheet: Richard Ayoade –

Richard Ayoade is set to make his big blockbuster debut in The Watch this Friday and… what? Whaddaya mean, you don’t know who Richard Ayoade is? He’s only one of the most talented writers, directors and actors in the UK! Fine, yes, he’s that guy from The IT Crowd. Let’s talk Ayoade…   Read the […]

Noah Taylor: ‘I’m more of a cat person’ –

The actor on being an Australian in Brighton, his love of country and western and being mistaken for Prince Read the interview HERE

Pramface 2: Yasmin on set

Yasmin on the Pramface 2 set (a very different looking Beth from series 1)