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BBC Pramface review

Author – Jane Summerfield

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A generally positive review by Jane Summerfield on Pramface with special mention for Yasmin Paige.


With episode titles such as Like Narnia But Sexy and Pregnant Rapist, this tale of an unexpected pregnancy is given a new comedy edge. The recent BBC Three series Pramface is based on an eighteen year old prospective university student Laura Derbyshire (Scarlett Alice Johnson) becoming inconveniently pregnant by an awkward sixteen year old, Jamie Prince (Sean Michael Verey).

The first episode was the classic set-up of a popular party, copious amounts of alcohol and two geeky boys looking for beds. In stumbles an inebriated Laura who falls (in both senses of the word) for a shy Jamie, who only asked Are you okay?. It’s easy to guess how the rest of the episode plays out, but the two supporting characters around Jamie give a new light onto the situation. Mike Fenton (Dylan Edwards) acts as the voice of hedonism, whereas Beth Mitchell (Yasmin Paige) tries her best to be the brains. Beth is a refreshing character to these situations, as her sarcastic remarks give the series a wider range of humour available to viewers.

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