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TV review: Kidnap and Ransom; Pramface; Catholics

Author – Stuart Jeffries

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Review of Pramface by Stuart Jeffries


In Pramface (BBC3) a potentially clunky premise – two teenagers’ drunken sex at a party leads to a pregnancy neither is ready for – is saved by cunning casting and a funny script. Sean Verey as 16-year-old father-to-be Jamie has scarcely lost his puppy fat, while as 18-year-old mother-to-be Laura, Scarlett Alice Johnson looks and plays like a young Harriet Walter – as hard as nails in dealing with her convincingly useless parents (Angus Deayton and Anna Chancellor), yet as brittle as pressed flowers with everyone else. I loved Jamie’s loser friend’s hopeless sex playlist – 50 Cent followed by the Top Gear theme tune. Although Chris Reddy’s plot is full of holes (would Laura, after discovering she’s pregnant, really make her first phone call to the shag buddy whose face she can’t recall?) there is enough in this too-much-too-young comedy’s opening episode to justify a second date.

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