Jesse Eisenberg – interview (extract)

Here is an extract from an interview with Jesse Eisenberg originally posted on Jesse takes the lead role in Yasmin’s latest film The Double which is currently in production.

Q: What was it like to work with Richard Ayoade on The Double?  Submarine had such a very unique style.  How would you describe this film and its visual style?
EISENBERG:  They built an entire world for the movie.  Every set was built.  They basically built an entire city.  It’s incredible!  So, the style is so unique.  It’s a funny movie, but it’s very dark and terrifying.  This character that I play, his life is overtaken by his doppleganger, so he’s struggling for not only his identity, but his life.  The style of it is so consistently dystopian that I think it will be just fantastic.  It was really a weird world to inhabit, as an actor, and I imagine that, as an audience it will be as well because you won’t see the camera and it won’t take you out of it, like it did for me.

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