Yasmin Paige to star in new drama “Chicken”

Young British newcomer 21 year old Scott Chambers will star alongside Submarine star Yasmin Paige in the film directorial debut of up-and-coming British director Joe Stephenson.

They team up with Weekend star Chris New in Chicken, an adaptation of a stage play, which the original author Freddie Machin will be scripting, along with New.

Scott (represented by Curtis Brown) will reprise a role he played in the original play, with New playing his brother. The two brothers live in a caravan on someone else’s land and have their lives turned upside down with the arrival of a new land-owner and his daughter Annabel (Paige).

Chris New was nominated for Best British Newcomer at the 2011 London Film Festival for his performance in indie hit Weekend.

The play’s synopsis:  
Richard and Polly are brothers. Holed up in a knackered caravan on someone else’s land, their chicken has stopped laying and Rickson, the new land owner, wants them gone. Richard longs to put down roots but his restless and destructive brother needs to keep moving. A chance meeting with seventeen year old Annabel, Rickson’s daughter, leaves Richard besotted; whilst Polly befriends the guys who run a seedy travelling fair and decides to follow them to Nottingham. With or without Richard. Torn between loyalty as companion to his destructive brother or the chance of stability and working on the farm, Richard must make his decision before the fair leaves following the Easter weekend.

Director Joe Stephenson gained his diploma from the New York Film Academy at just 17 years old and in 2009, Joe directed his first short film, The Alchemistic Suitcase, which went on to be Editors choice in the Virgin Media Shorts competition and received press nationwide in newspapers such as the Independent and Metro. Following this, Joe established B Good Picture Company Ltd and directed and produced a series for Sky Arts, ‘In Love With‘.

Chicken is due to start shooting in early 2013 

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