Interview with Yasmin Paige on the Mystery of Character Acting

Interview with Yasmin Paige on the Mystery of Character Acting

Author – Timothy Woodward

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Imagine the following scenario from Richard Ayoade’s Submarine.
A young dark-haired girl called Jordana Bevan peers through her Betty-Boop-on-a-good-day-haircut.
She wears a long red raincoat that is part “Don’t Look Now” and part “Little Red Riding Hood”.
Nobody knows what is going through her impenetrable mind. Maybe Jordana is holding a polaroid camera like she does in the film?

Ok, that seems far fetched in real life.
In the movie, Jordana is played by the 19-year old British actress, Yasmin Paige.

The dark appeal and delight of this philosophical comedy drama is watching the mischievous and forthright Welsh girl mess with the mind of the young protagonist, Oliver Tate. Paige is unlike a female character in a coming-of-age film like Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, as she is the type of absorbing character who takes a cinema goer out of the confines of the auditorium. This is the sign of a memorable film.

Paige’s enigmatic performance inevitably brings certain questions to mind.
Because Jordana is so unfathomable, what acting techniques has Paige brought to the role?
What she has brought to the role is called character acting, which is when an actor or
actress play unusual roles in a unique way. When most people think of character acting,
they are likely to think of the silent actor Lon Chaney going loopy with a kit full of make-up or just Johnny Depp.
Paige proves that in order to play a character interestingly, all an actress needs is to bring something different to the part than what has happened before.

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