View ‘Spoof or Die’ On Line

Spoof or Die is a short film which stars Yasmin Paige, Ryan McParland, Michael Smiley and Monica Dolan. The film was written by Stacy Gregg and was directed by Prasanna Puwanarajah. It was featured as part of Channel 4’s Coming Up 2012 season and was first broadcast in July 2012.


Sixteen year old Craig has grown up in Belfast and is obsessed by the city’s bloody past – in particular his uncle’s part in it. Nicky has just moved to Belfast from England with her mum and little sister, following her parents’ divorce.

Together the two play truant from school, both of them eager to impress one another and escape their boredom. As the day progresses, however, their unlikely friendship develops into something far more worrying.

If you have missed ‘Spoof or Die’ I strongly urge you to view it while you can as it features the talents of some of Britain’s best young acting talent in Yasmin and Ryan McParland. Not forgetting Stacy Gregg’s dry and sparse script which works extremely well to set the films tone.

The film is available here on Channel 4’s 4OD site or alternatively on 4ODDrama’s youtube channel.

I can also recommend another short film entitled ‘Boy’ made by Prasanna Puwanarajah which can be viewed here.




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