An interview with Richard Ayoade:

An interview with Richard Ayoade:

Author – Sam Price

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it’s difficult to overestimate how remarkably clam-free, and what a breath of fresh air, Richard Ayoade’s Submarine is. Let’s not mince words about this: it’s likely the best British film to emerge in this decade, and arguably the preceding one. In spite of the manifest potential for a project involving an actor known best to audiences for his portrayal of the stunted nerd Maurice Moss in Graham Linehan’s The IT Crowd  to go awry, along with a plot that involves adolescent tomfoolery and loss of virginity to boot, it soars so far above its contemporaries as to leave them flopping about as the infinitesimal specs of dust that they are. To my mind, it captures the sweaty awkwardness of late adolescence in a manner cinema rarely bothers to, simultaneously holding its characters in equal parts contempt and affection.


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