Pramface 2 : Episode 1 Synopsis

It has been announced by the BBC that the first episode of Pramface 2: Episode 1 will be broadcast on Tuesday 8th January between 10:00pm and 11:00pm GMT on BBC Three.


They have also posted a brief synopsis of the first episode….

Laura (Scarlett Alice Johnson) and Jamie (Sean Michael Verey) are struggling to cope with the everyday challenges of raising their baby, so the last thing they need is a big family event. But the Christening is looming and they’re nowhere near ready for it.

Mike (Dylan Edwards) is desperate to prove himself worthy of being a Godfather, much to atheist Beth’s (Yasmin Paige) irritation. But Mike’s got stiff competition from Jamie’s cousin Conall, a trainee priest.

Keith (Ben Crompton), under pressure from Sandra (Bronagh Gallagher), is forced to take temping work at the toy shop to help pay for the Christening. But Keith finds it hard to cope when he discovers his new supervisor is his son….

This post is continued on the BBC Media Centre Site

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