Pramface 2 Launches!

Pramface - Series 2

Pramface – Series 2

So last night at 10:00pm on BBC3 the second series of Pramface kicked off and the viewer response appears to be very positive. Fans were treated to a one hour special with some new faces on board including Pauline McLynn, best known to most people as “Mrs. Doyle” from the wonderful Channel 4 sit-com Father Ted.

In the first episode Laura and Jamie are struggling to cope with the everyday challenges of raising their baby, so the last thing they need is a big family event. But the Christening is looming and they’re nowhere near ready for it.

Mike is desperate to prove himself worthy of being a Godfather, much to atheist Beth’s irritation. But Mike’s got stiff competition from Jamie’s cousin Conall, a trainee priest.

Beth Mitchell - Pramface series 2

Beth Mitchell – Pramface series 2

Keith, under pressure from Sandra, is forced to take temping work at the toy shop to help pay for the Christening. But Keith finds it hard to cope when he discovers his new supervisor is his son.

All is not well with Laura’s family either. Janet is trying to put a halt to the Christening, which she feels will bring public shame to the family. Part of Laura would like the whole Christening to go away too, but Jamie, under pressure from his family, is saying they can’t back out.

Alan is still recovering from his head injury, and Janet wants to go back to work, although she’s not mentioning this to Alan.

As the visiting relatives arrive, squabble and then criticise, Jamie and Laura are really feeling the pressure – and they haven’t even managed to agree on a name yet.

The director role has been taken over by Misha Manson-Smith and while the style of the series hasn’t changed drastically, the first 60 minute episode zipped along at a fast pace and it appears that Pramface is in a safe pair of hands!

The full guest cast list is as follows…

Pauline McLynn Evelyn
Ronald Pickup Arnold
Donal Gallery Conall
Sara Stewart Louise
Fiona Button Gabby
Terence Harvey Steven
Matilda Sturridge Jessica
Katie Males Leanne
David Armand Father Thomas
Margaret Clunie Amy
Leo Bill Richard
Jessie Cave Angela

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