Pramface Interview –

The stars of Pramface on series two, romance and playing football with Angus Deayton

Author – Susanna Lazarus

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Scarlett Alice Johnson and Sean Verey chat to about being sent off set for laughing too hard and whether their characters will end up together.

Q If you could describe your characters in three words, what would they be?

Scarlett:I spoke to a lot of people, especially in the first series with the labour because that’s quite a big undertaking. I’ve been with my sister when she’s had her babies which was an amazing experience and completely life-changing and my brother has children as well so I’ve been around both their young families.

Sean:I didn’t do a lot because when I was reading the script it was obvious that Jamie didn’t know what he was doing or what world he was entering. I wanted that to come across – that he’d never known anything like this – so I couldn’t be too clued up. I wanted every experience to be as if it was for the first time.

Scarlett:He didn’t want to hold the babies until he had to…

QWhat’s it been like having the babies on the set? You’ve had more than one, haven’t you?

Scarlett:Yes, we’ve had six! Two sets of twins and two single babies. I quite liked coming into work thinking I was going to get a cuddle from a lovely little baby today.

Sean:It was a bit tricky for some scenes when they were screaming and crying, but then on other scenes it added something to it as it became very chaotic.

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