“The Double” review – indiewire.com

TIFF Review: Richard Ayoade’s Daring ‘The Double’ Starring Jesse Eisenberg & Mia Wasikowska

Author – Kevin Jagernauth  

Source – indiewire.com  


When Richard Ayoade arrived in 2010 with his charming tale of adolescence and young romance with the stylish “Submarine,” the picture was immediately greeted with rather reductive comparisons to Wes Anderson. It was an unfair assessment levelled at the movie and filmmaker—even from those who championed the film—that diminished what an accomplished piece of cinema Ayoade had put together. And one can’t help but wonder if “The Double” is a sly response to those criticisms of borrowing from others. Certainly, his latest will invoke names like Terry Gilliam and Michel Gondry to be tossed around, but make no mistake: not only does “The Double” confirm Ayoade as one of the brightest rising talents behind the camera, it’s completely his own and unlike anything you’ve seen in cinemas in quite some time.


Link to original article here.

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