“The Double” review – heyuguys.co.uk

TIFF 2013: The Double Review

Author – Ian Gilchrist

Source – heyuguys.co.uk


Writer/director Richard Ayoade continues his winning streak with his second theatrical feature The Double, a comic adaptation of Dostoevsky’s dark novella set in an unnamed dystopian world reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

As the twitchy, nervous Simon Jesse Eisenberg adds another neurotic oddball to his gallery of ill at ease young men. Simon is a clerical worker in a claustrophobic, Kafkaesque office, and despite working there for 7 years, he is told by the taciturn security man sign the visitor’s book every morning when he arrives at work. His manager (Wallace Shawn) never remembers his name and gives him no credit for the work he does. He is besotted with a pretty woman who works in the photocopy room, but she unsurprisingly takes little notice of him.  Even his mother, who lives in a care home, is not fond of him. He watches his pretty co-worker in her apartment across from his at night, so in addition to being of generally creepy demeanour, he’s also a pathetic peeping tom.


Link to original article here.

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