‘The Possibilities Are Endless’ review – http://www.theguardian.com/

SXSW 2014 review: The Possibilities Are Endless brings beauty from tragedy

Author – Henry Barnes

Source – Guardian.com


James Hall and Edward Lovelace’s documentary about musician Edwyn Collins’s recovery from a stroke eschews conventional form to pitch us into the disorientating reality of his life



There’s a brief blast of A Girl Like You before UK directors James Hall and Edward Lovelace’s documentary, about the post-stroke recovery ofEdwyn Collins, jumps off the deep end.

Collins suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2005. He was hospitalised for six months. He lost his memory; his speech was destroyed. He was cast off from his previous persona – as the singer/songwriter who fronted the Scottish alt-rock band Orange Juice. He was left out in open water.

Hall and Lovelace interviewed Collins and his wife, Grace Maxwell, six years after the stroke. Collins was still working on recovering his ability to speak. Where some might have struggled with the lack of clarity, the directors instead use this as a hook to pull us into Collins’s world. They shoot in and around Helmsdale, the Scottish coastal village much loved by the singer, and cut the footage with his thoughts about his state of mind. “Start again.” “Striving to think.” “It’s not clear enough yet.”


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