Movie review – ‘The Double’

Movie review: ‘The Double’

Author – Sam Ward

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A comedy about alienation in a globalised service economy? A laugh out loud meditation on the fluidity and insecurity of modern identity? Somehow Richard Ayoade’s new offering,The Double, based on the Fyodor Dostoevsky story of the same name, manages to be both. There is a familiarity to the humour; the fast talking, jittery nervous young man failing miserably to be understood, but this time there is noir.

The first time we see Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg); he is sat on a rumbling, squeaking train, a meek man. The lights flicker on and off, this altered image becoming a theme. The plot is relatively simple: the self-effacing Simon stumbles through his days trying to organise his feelings for the equally lonely Hannah (Mia Wasikowska), until one day James Simon, a doppelgänger of himself, an antithesis – brash, confident, and commanding, begins to take over his life, inside of work and out.


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