The Characters of Glue


RUTH ROSEN (20) is a mixed-race provisional Police Constable. She and her Romany mum are estranged from the travelling community, but that doesn’t stop Ruth. Not much does. Not being a young single mum, or the fact that she lives in the same village as a group of friends who no longer talk to her. She’s made of stronger stuff, or at least she thinks she is.

TINA FALLON (19) loves horses and wants to be the first female jockey to win the Derby. A local girl, she’s been in trouble with the law before. And she’ll get in trouble with the law again. Tina is unconventional, dangerous and dating Rob.

ELI BRAY (23) is a young man on his own. With his dad in jail and his mother dead, Eli cared for Cal until his brother was carted off to care – and came home a very different boy. Their relationship’s always been scrappy – they’re brothers after all – but Eli loves Caleb very much. And blood always comes first.

JAMES WARWICK (18) works on the family farm run by his mother. He is expected to take over one day, but James finds complication in the smallest things, things his best friend Rob, can’t understand at all.

ROB KENDLE (18) is better looking than most, more socially at ease than most, though frequently gets entangled in situations he doesn’t quite understand. But that’s ok because life’s a laugh. Rob is dating Tina, is a good friend to James and knows how to throw a good party.

ANNIE MADDOCKS (20) is someone who no-one quite notices. She’s always there, always fun, always part of the action, but she’s not someone who pushes herself forward. Annie is fair to her core. She’s a friend to those who think they have no-one.

JANINE RILEY (24) loves animals and is extraordinarily good vet. She sees herself as self-sufficient and is fiercely independent.

DOMINIC RICHARDS (23) is the Assistant Trainer at the stables. He’s attractive and cocky but vulnerable. A seductive combination.

CALEB BRAY (14) is an enigmatic presence. Raised by whoever was around, he went through the care system and the experience changed him fundamentally. By the time he re-emerged, he was a different boy.

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