This site has been assembled as a tribute to the actress Yasmin Paige, heralded as one of the bright new stars of British cinema.

I first became aware of Yasmin through the feature film “Submarine“. I was mesmerised by her performance as the character “Jordana Bevan” alongside a brilliant performance by Craig Roberts who played the leading role of “Oliver Tate”.

Yasmin has featured in many other films, television and stage appearances, radio spots…etc and has already gained quite a bit of experience considering her relatively young age. Her younger fans will be familiar with her role as Maria Jackson in the Dr. Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. Older fans will know her best for Submarine (2010) which had great success on release and showed the quality of Yasmin’s acting ability.

Yasmin recently played the part of Nicky in Spoof or Die , a short film which was part of Channel 4’s Coming Up 2012 season and was directed by Prasanna Puwanarajah.

Yasmin has also been working on the BBC situation comedy Pramface. The third series of Pramface is being broadcast on the BBC. She has currently appearing in the new Richard Ayoade feature “The Double” which had it’s World premiere in Toronto and is due for general release soon. Yasmin has also completed work on “Chicken”, the first feature film by B Good Features and “The Possibilities Are Endless”, the life story of singer Edwyn Collins.

Although Yasmin’s career is the prime subject of the site, I may, from time to time, post information on projects she has been involved in as well as news on key members of those projects.

Please be aware that the site is the work of a fan and has been posted to inform and to be enjoyed by other fans of Yasmin Paige. It is not officially endorsed by Yasmin or her representatives in any way. The site is in a constant state of change and content is being added all the time so please check back!


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