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Keeping it together – Glass meets actor Yasmin Paige: An acting career and university life

Keeping it together – Glass meets actor Yasmin Paige: An acting career and university life Author – Lisa Kim Source – Originally published: November 6th 2014 Originally from London, Yasmin Paige’s career in acting started at a young age on stage and the small screen with her appearances on The Sarah Jane Adventures and Secret […]

‘Secret Life’ Review –

‘Secret Life’ Review Source – Summary Secret Life is a 2007 British television movie, which aired on Channel 4. The movie follows the plight of Charlie (Matthew Macfadyen), who is a supposedly reformed child molester. If you’re unfamiliar with Macfadyen, you may mistake the film’s beginning for some type of documentary television series. The […]

Production Notes – Submarine (2010)

For those that may like more than the usual amount of detail regarding cast members…etc, here are the production notes of Submarine in PDF format. It also includes an interview with Richard Ayoade. Please click on Submarine Production Notes to view.

Glue – Yasmin Paige interview –

Exclusive Interview with Yasmin Author – Rob Carnevale Source – Summary Yasmin Paige talks about playing the role of Ruth in Channel 4 drama Glue and why her preparation involved getting to understand Romany culture a lot better and how to behave like a police officer. She also reflects on her own career to date, […]

Interview with Yasmin Paige for Glue

The following feature is taken from the Channel 4 Press website and is available free for reproduction in full or in part. What is Glue and what can we expect? It’s centered around a small town, specifically a horse racing town where everyone knows everyone. There is a murder that happens right at the beginning, and […]

Racing goes hip hop?

Horses and pop stars seem to becoming an increasingly popular pairing. Leona Lewis has her own charity and is a Horse of the Year Show ambassador — just don’t mention the Grand National. It’s been widely reported that Dappy, of N-Dubz fame, is a keen horseman, even though most of the coverage was about him being kicked in […]

Jack Thorne’s ‘Glue’ in depth

I recently posted that Yasmin is to appear in a crime drama written by Jack Thorne entitled ‘Glue’. Here is a recent posting from the Channel 4 Press site which gives a detailed description of the series.   E4 green-lights an original crime drama series from BAFTA winning writer Jack Thorne and Eleven Film (Cast Offs, […]