Contacting the author…

If you wish to contact the author please mail me at
Alternatively I can be contacted via Twitter at @_yasmin_paige
Finally please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section provided in the posts.

Contacting Yasmin…

Yasmin can be contacted via her agents The Curtis Brown Group.

Curtis Brown Group Ltd
Haymarket House
28-29 Haymarket,
London, SW1Y 4SP
United Kingdom
P +44 (0) 207 393 4400
F +44 (0) 207 393 4401

To send Yasmin fan mail see the below link.

Please be aware that the site is the work of a fan and has been posted to inform and to be enjoyed by other fans of Yasmin Paige. It is not officially endorsed by Yasmin or her representatives in any way.



  1. You’ve done a great job for Yasmin’s fans here. A mountain of info and a huge gallery of HQ photos. Call me greedy but I’d love to see a YouTube channel dedicated to her too if you can find the time.

    1. Interesting idea. Never occurred to me. I may look into that. Cheers for the feedback Ed!!

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