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pramface: sixteen and pregnant, but british and funny

A review of Pramface Season 1 from an american viewers point of view which was posted on britwatching.wordpress.com Pramface: Sixteen and pregnant, but British and funny. Advertisements

Pramface review – yasminpaige.co.uk

Pramface: An Oral Defication (…or what I did for the past six weeks) Author – Your author Source – yasminpaige.co.uk A review on the first series of Pramface by the sarcastic author of this site. Well everybody else is forcing their Pramface point of view down my throat so I thought I would respond in kind. So… six weeks […]

Pramface review – guardian.co.uk

TV review: Kidnap and Ransom; Pramface; Catholics Author – Stuart Jeffries Source – guardian.co.uk Review of Pramface by Stuart Jeffries . In Pramface (BBC3) a potentially clunky premise – two teenagers’ drunken sex at a party leads to a pregnancy neither is ready for – is saved by cunning casting and a funny script. Sean Verey as 16-year-old father-to-be Jamie […]